…the happiest day of my life

Lauryn Adams

From the moment that you were conceived, I Loved you. I was so excited that I went and got a microphone kit that I could attach to your mother’s stomach, and I would talk to you and sing to you. I played music for you while you were in your mother’s stomach. And when you finally arrived, I was right there to receive you into my arms. That was was the happiest day of my life. We had an immediate connection and we had a bond that was never broken. So much so, that no one could understand it. We were the center of each other’s world. I thank God for you as you brought so much joy and peace to us. I remember the day you left me and the last conversation we had. I know now that you were an angel that God entrusted us with. And I thank God for giving you to us. I truly miss you and each day brings another challenge on how will I make it through the day. I had so many plans for you and dreams for your future. But God had his own plans and I have to only thank him for allowing me to know you. I will never stop loving you and you are forever in my heart. Love you always, Daddy.